Who became a target for Romantic attacks? Why?. . . procurator - прокуратор . What does the Market Cart show?. Christianity became Apostle: now he travelled to spread the Word. В свои много¬численные путешествия средства против мышей Тернер часто уезжал тайно. Impression - Sunrise, Le Havre. II. -л.

The painter is depicted in his studio in the royal palace, at work upon a canvas, so large that it can only be this very picture, unique in scale in his entire production. Е. The Calling of Saint Matthew is a realistic painting. .

In the course of his life he produced thousands of oil paintings and water-colours and innumerable drawings, средства против мышей and not long before his death he claimed that "in the matter of compositions I have enough for two human lifetimes; средства против мышей and as for projects of all kinds, I have enough for four hundred years. The mirror alongside the door re- flects the King and Queen, who honour the painter with their presence. 6. Translate the text into English. . bust [???s?]-6rocr. rough - рельефный средства против мышей . He rejected realism in favour of the imagination, and through his expressionist means he made one of the most influential impacts on Western art. Тициан создал монументальные компози¬ции: "Вознесение Марии" и "Мадонна Пезаро". The artistic heritage of Pissarro and Renoir. betray; средства против мышей to ~ the cause - предать дело .

plasticity - рельефность . d. At first Renoir was trained as a sculptor. , хотя темы остаются прежними, пространство заполняется розовато-голубоватой или золотистой дымкой. to create the illusions; free colouristic movement; to produce water-colours; scenes of violence; to derive the subjects from poetry and from medieval history; sulphurous dimness; to break up the py¬ramidal grouping; Romantic spirit; centrifugal curves; to display the distant slaughter and conflagration; the richness of colour; a feast of violence; sketches in pencil; to derive a law.

I. The painting known as Rouen Cathedral in Full Sunlight rep¬resents the moment just about noon when the low winter sun is still striking the southern средства против мышей flanks of the masses masonry, and has not yet entered the west portals, illuminated by reflections from the square in front. . What did Jacob van Ruisdael paint in 1670? What is this landscape noted for? How is the immensity of the space increased?. At the left a mother holding her dead child looks upward, shrieking.

The nude was formerly explained as an unconven-tional portrait of the duchess of Alba, a patron and a close friend of Goya's. This painting marked Gauguin break with Impressionism to follow his own style. character - образ (изображаемое лицо) . , 1991. to remain obscure; the representation of objects; a champion of working-class rights; to embody the средства против мышей ideas; to reject history painting; the paintings are concerned with events of; to practise as an amateur; dehumanising labour; to lay paint on with a palette knife; the inescapable end; an ordinary средства против мышей inhabitant; altar boys; pallbearers; the parish priest; simple dignity; sculptural density recalling the prophets; in exile; the rocky escarpment; a parable from the Gospels. Make sure you understand it. brilliance, brilliancy -интенсивность (цвета красок) . Ingres fancied himself a mythological painter. model v - 1. For Gauguin painting itself became identified with his wan¬derlust and drew him away from all his daily associations. средства против мышей Courbet's mode of life and work.

By 1880 Monet's paintings were beginning to sell and he threw himself into the work with a passion as if nature were at once a friend and an enemy. The imposing dignity of the figure and the straight lines of the bar and средства против мышей the crowded bal¬cony make this work his most monumental accomplishment. UNIT XVI REMBRANDT (1608-1669).

, когда она была куплена Лувром.

Decorative Figure Against an Ornamented Background (Nude with the Straight Back) - "Декоративная фигура на фоне орнамента" (Обнаженная с прямой спиной). prophecy -пророчество;- of the средства против мышей Baptism of Christ -пророчество крещения Христа. 4. Jacob van Ruisdael .


Constructed in the grand manner of Hobbema, a seventeenth-century Dutch master, and painted with soft strokes of wash like those of Watteau, the Market Cart, of 1787, shows an almost rhapsodic abandonment to the mood of nature, which led to the great English landscapists of the early nineteenth century. Triumph of Bacchus. for the rest of one's existence; to take refuge in; uncritical acceptance; to be influenced by; tolerant humanity; it is significant that; the psychological impact; at the bottom of средства против мышей the picture; sur-prising colour contrasts; the dominant influence; to extend the picture on all four sides; the plunging perspective; to light from below; drawing style; at the right. . Stroke-by-Nayland. What is shown in the Still life with Apples and Oranges? What discrepancies are seen in this work of art?. 1. . . As his style matured, Rubens's characteristic spiral-into-the-picture lost the dark shadows of his early works and took on a Titianique richness of colour.

Courbet wanted his art to embody his ideas concerning society. The arrangements of fruits, bottles, plates and a rumpled cloth on a tabletop never suggest the consumption of food or drink; they are spheroid or cylindrical masses. . This picture is an unconventional portrait of the duchess of Alba. Not only form but substance itself средства против мышей has vanished. средства против мышей Arrange the following in the pairs of synonyms:. the subject full face - рисовать модель в анфас; to ~ with breadth средства против мышей and ease - писать с широтой и легкостью . Hogarth was fond of the Palladian style. shadow and light - светотень . 5.

. создавать. .

The Laughing Cavalier - "Портрет молодого офицера". Москва – 1999. опустошенные лица; быть наделенным даром; широкие мазки; сияющий портрет; лихо заломленная шляпа; круглый плоеный жесткий воротник; стрелковые гильдии; предшествен¬ники художника; след времени; полные, средних лет мужчины; связать картину воедино; насмешливая улыбка; изображать стрельцов в разгар веселого застолья; склонность к военному искусству; сиять самоуверенностью; групповой портрет, постро¬енных в шеренгу людей; рукав с разрезами; эскизная манера письма; поздний период творчества; поднять на уровень драмы. 6. The World Upside Down. Make sure you know how to pronounce the/allowing средства против мышей words:. The Stone Breakers. Give Russian equivalents of the following phrases:. What did Velazquez depict in the Triumph of Bacchus? What shows that Velazquez is a Mediterranean painter?. .

wall hangings - шпалеры . Matisse reached Gauguin's primitivism only with refer¬ence to exotic cultures. Pissarro exhibited with the Impressionist group until 1886. Ingres was fond of portrait painting. Rain, Stream and Speed. . discovery - открытие; to make a ~ - сделать открытие .

554-21-86. Courbet's paintings were concerned with events of his own time. . . . As his style matured, Rubens's characteristic spiral-into-the-picture lost the dark shadows of his early works and took on a Titianique richness of colour.

The foreground is scattered with bodies.

encompassing средства против мышей dark -окружающая чернота . The monsters take over entirely. tormentors - палачи . VII. Make sure you know how to pronounce the following words:.

In Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalen, of средства против мышей 1638, Rembrandt shows Mary's shock of recognition.

Passion [?????] - Страсти Господни . , 2, т.

Van Gogh identified art with emotion. Waterhouse, Ellis К. Here the scene shifts to the kitchen; the same lady of the house in the same costume as in De Hooch's Linen Cupboard has fallen asleep; beer runs from the keg over a floor strewn with garbage, a pipe and a hat; children, a pig, a dog, a duck, and a monkey are where they ought not to be and are doing what they ought not to do. . Халс изображает их обычно в това¬рищеской пирушке. buttress [???????] - контрфорс. UNIT I HOGARTH (1697-1764) 2. средства против мышей Translate the text. raising - 1.

architect - архитектор . образец . VI.

Translate the text into English. Аннибале Карраччи - родоначальник героического пейзажа. His companionship and advice provided a technical foundation for Cezanne, who called him "humble and colossal". . . . .

still life - натюрморт; ~ painting - натюрморт . Е. . Эволюция искусства XX века наиболее ярко выражена в творчестве Пабло Пикассо. chapel [?????] - капелла .

Locked between the rocky escarpment above and the grave beneath, these people realise their destiny is bound to the средства против мышей earth, yet they seem to comprehend and to accept their fate. 3. chisel v - вырезать резцом; ваять из камня, дерева, кости. Dali said the idea for the work occurred to him while he was eating ripe Cam-embert cheese. С 1624 г. Iliad - 'Илиада" . The first section, dealing with events from

средства против мышей

daily life, is sur¬passed by the second, devoted to fantastic events.

Courbet liked the Luncheon on the Grass.

Формирование импрессионистов началось вокруг Эдуарда Мане, который получил образование в мастерской Кутюра, одно¬го из столпов академического искусства. О . 2. . . palette-палитра; гамма красок. Summarize the text.

the wall are the attributes . The World Upside Down. The world of nobles, popes, and monarchs was not for him. to adopt the Impressionist palette; objects are identifiable; a colossal rock crystal of colour; colour construction; spheroid or cylin¬drical masses; psychological significance; средства против средства против мышей средства против мышей мышей to inflict a fatal blow; search for the exact plane of colour; a developed style; a visual threshold; a fluted column; indispensable elements; the formation of a new style; simplified figures. . After the Mannerist interlude of public prudery, it was typical of the new Baroque attitude that a cardinal could commis¬sion a monumental Christian interpretation of ancient erotic myths. . UNIT X MANET (1823 -1883) 21.

foil for - контрастировать с . , 1971 . . . Rembrandt's commissions slackened off as a result of his unconventional painting. 3. Figures and costumes, surely drawn and modelled blend with the ground and the sunny haze in tones of softly greyed blue, rose and beige, creating mother-of-pearl effects. Trained at first as a painter on porcelain, he later studied with the academic painter Charles Gleyre and soon made the ac¬quaintance of the Impressionist group, with whom he exhibited until 1886. IV.

UNIT XV HALS (1581/85-1666). Give English equivalents of the following phrases:. bust [???s?]-6rocr. средства средства против мышей против мышей 1. . VII. He received some artistic training in Aix. preside [????????] v-председательствовать .

Make sure you know how to pronounce the following words:. i. NOTES. Влияние караваджизма чувствуется в некоторых работах Пуссена.

. Surrender of Breda - "Сдача Бреды" .

baptism В.

Wherever he went, he spread the culture of wine and the rituals associated with every stage of its cultivation. . VII. горный пейзаж; незадолго до; подготовить картины для выставки; совершать

средства против мышей

частые поездки по; незавершенные по¬лотна; передавать мгновенные изменения в природе; сопро-вождать картины цитатами из поэзии; загадочная средства против мышей привязан¬ность к природе: испытать всю силу волн; в день открытия; чувство цвета; делать цветные наброски. How great was the success of Reynolds as a portraitist?. V. outline n - контур; ~ drawing -контурное изображение . Read the text. paint-box- этюдник .

. . Курбе принимал активное участие в Парижской Коммуне. . Dali's subject-matters. Отпечатано в Производственно-издательском комбинате ВИНИТИ,. annunciation A. .

средства против мышей

He brought this huge picture to Paris for the Salon of 1824, and before the exhibi¬tion opened he took it down and repainted it in tones emulating those, he found in Constable. . In Synthetic Cubism the barrier between reality and representation is unexpectedly broken. The Persistence of Memory. By 1911, in the phase known to art historians as Analytical Cubism, the tension has burst, and so has the object. It is one of the first paintings of a railway train. . i. . IV.

Arrange the following in the pairs of synonyms. TASKS. In later life Gainsborough painted more freely and openly. 10. The pioneers of Baroque monumental painting in Flor¬ence were the brothers Carracci. architecture - архитектура . 3. Caravaggio never rebelled against convention. -Y. . icon - икона; ~ -painter средства против мышей -иконописец; ~ -painting - иконопись; ~ -panel -иконопись. средства против мышей

принято называть в его творчестве соответствен¬но "голубым" (1901-1904) и "розовым" (1905 -1906). This lovely nude is drawn with a subtle contour line delicately flowing over shoul¬ders, back and legs. Intended as a protest against the destruction of the little Basque town of Guernica in April 1937, by the Nazi bombers in the serv¬ice of the Spanish Fascists, the picture has become in retrospect a memorial to all crimes against humanity

средства против мышей

in the twentieth century. . Gauguin painted the Vision After the Sermon in 1879. That gentleman, who has exhausted his fortune in building the Palladian mansion seen out the window (Hogarth detested the Palladian style) admires средства против мышей himself in a mirror. iii. II.

VI. In Impression - Sunrise, Le Havre, he demonstrated that colour belongs not to the object but to the moment of the visual experience.
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