Make sure you understand it. cockleshell n - раковина моллюска. фото мыши . .

фото мыши

1629/30. Paul Gauguin lived фото мыши a life that reads like a classic tale of the misunderstood, and uncompromising artist, searching for verities against all odds. . What is represented in The Day of the God?. В. фото мыши , Baltimore, 1967.

Match them up to the given titles. ii. c. He produced more than 290 etchings.

Crowned with wine leaves himself he mischievously puts фото мыши a crown upon a kneeling worshiper. 2. b. caryatids [??????????] -кариатиды. Первый период творчества Пуссена завер¬шился, когда в буколические темы ворвалась тема смерти.

LITERATURE. Describe these works of art. 2.

Summarize the text. . TASKS. Shakespeare and Corneille make the scene in the фото мыши lower left-hand corner. iii. i. The feeling of sunlight is warm and rich, but the colours are still local, фото мыши though soft фото мыши blue and lavender shadow does reflect into the faces of the women and their flowing dresses. . In later life, фото мыши after the death of his wife, Constable entered a period of depression in which his passionate communion фото мыши with na¬ture reached a pitch of semi-mystical intensity.

. From here on, Delacroix's interest in colour was great. Громадная картина "Вознесение Марии" изображает вознесение Мадон¬ны на небо. Van Gogh won фото фото мыши фото мыши мыши a spiritual victory in opening a new path for artistk vision and expression.

Cezanne [???????]; Provance [????????]; Aix [?????]; fatal [?????]; threshold [??????????]; majestic [??????????]; imaginary [??????????]; indeterminable [?????????????]; Victoire [???????]. the wall are the attributes . . . The nymph who was loved by the shepherd Acis [??????] and by Cyclops Polyphemus. He also admired Goya and Courbet. How well have you read? Can you answer the following questions?. A later work, the Holy Family on фото мыши the Steps, of 1648, is probably in the Hypolydian mode, which 'contains within itself a certain sweetness which fills the soul of the beholders with joy. 3. Bertini, Luciano, Masaccio, Pennsylvania State University Press, University Park, 1967.

Mark the fol¬lowing statements true or false. plane - плоскость . Below him sit two women figures, the one with a sword, representing the Iliad, another фото мыши with a rudder the Odyssey.

Summarize the text. wood; on ~ - на дереве . . c. . Make sure фото мыши you understand it. . Моне пережил свою славу. Give English equivalents of the following phrases:. Кон¬стебл один из первых стал писать этюды на пленэре, опередив в непосредственности впечатления художников французской шко¬лы. catch v - передать; ~ a like¬ness - передать сходство .

NOTES. To Van Gogh space construction became an expressive device, moving the observer forcefully toward the фото мыши distant moun-tains. фото мыши

. . How well have you read? Can you answer the following questions?. religious paintings – картины на религиозные темы. , 1968 . Although his landscapes, which he preferred to his portraits, ex¬hale a typically English freshness, they were painted in the studio on the basis of small models put together from moss and pebbles. Malle Babbe is a glittering portrait.

What did Velazquez depict in the Triumph of Bacchus? What shows that Velazquez is a Mediterranean painter?. фото мыши 6. niche [???]- ниша. VI. , London 1971. a) contour; vestment; masterpiece; mural; touch; revive;. A bereft mother rushes screaming from the building, her arms thrown wide. Here Rembrandt painted St Paul seated . In the Luncheon on the Grass Manet was striving to pro¬duce three-dimensional forms on a flat surface. 3.

. 3. Картины на религиозные сюжеты он писал как жанровые. Then the painter must consider the conception, that is, the recounting of the story in an impressive way. That gentleman, who has exhausted his fortune фото мыши in фото мыши building the Palladian mansion seen out the window (Hogarth detested the Palladian style) admires himself in a mirror. a. . .

Read фото мыши the text. IV.

Make sure you know how to pronounce the following words:. Make sure you understand it. В дверях художник поместил фото мыши фигуру канцлера. burlesque [???????] - пародия. 2. В портретах Гейнсборо отсутствуют фото мыши аллегории. He hears

фото мыши

the words; but his servant hears nothing and looks down at his master unable to account for the light that shines all around and has blinded Saul. Goya's portraits фото мыши of the royal court were influenced by Van Dyck. 4.

3. Although Hogarth tried his hand occasionally at mythological and historical subjects, he was at his best in portraits and moralistic cycles.

Cezanne exhibited his paintings with the Impressionists in 1874,

фото мыши

1877, 1882. Mystery dominates in the Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Эжен Делакруа жил интенсивной духовной жизнью. iv. 5. unframed pictures – картины фото мыши без рам. She is posed in a corner of her salon, in an attitude clearly derived from Classical art. . development; ~ of the Renais¬sance painting - развитие живописи Возрождения .

i. . Яковлева, доктор филологических наук, профессор. 3. VI. . Here in the gigantic canvases he submerged himself in the world of changing colour, a poetic fabric фото мыши in which фото мыши visual and emotional experience merge. 6.

4. . 3. Hogarth's style and characters. He was fascinated by the beauty of the landscape, by the southern light, absolutely different from that of northern France with its mists and rain. Decorative Figure Against an Ornamented Background

фото мыши

(Nude with the Straight Back) - "Декоративная фигура на фоне орнамента" (Обнаженная с прямой спиной). Joseph Mallord William Turner was a Londoner. trend - направление . . At the lower right are grouped three French Classical writers.

VII. 03. Dutch landscape. фото мыши Impression - Sunrise, Le Havre - "Впечатление Восходящее солнце". . iv. At the financially disastrous third Impressionist exhibition of фото мыши 1877 Monet showed eight canvases devoted to the railway. patch - пятно . 2. .

converge - сводить в едино . 2. Make up questions of your own with the given phrases. Cupids fly above the scene with bows, arrows, and torches, .

Market Cart. Conversion of Saint Paul - "Обращение Савла" . The painting of the Farnese Gallery is a superb crea¬tion. 2. фото мыши Предметом изображения Матисса служат фото мыши самые простые фото мыши мотивы: цветы, кресла, ткани. Fried lander, Walter фото мыши F. С полотен смотрят плотные, уверенные в своих силах люди средних лет. Cezanne's mature style is often interpreted in the light of his celebrated фото мыши sayings: "I want to do Poussin over again, from nature," "I wish to make of Impressionism something solid and durable, like the art of the museums," and "Drawing and colour are not distinct. Why did Rembrandt begin to lose popularity

фото мыши

as a por¬traitist?. The Bottle ofSuze . What does one of Goya's rare references to Classical my¬thology illustrate? фото мыши What does this work of art symbolise?.

ink - тушь. redeeming power - искупляющая сила. The methods of painting of Pissarro and Renoir.


издание второе переработанное и дополненное.

Klein, Robert, and Zoner, H.

Then the painter must consider the conception, that is, the recounting of the story in an impressive way. Он приехал в Париж в 1840, чтобы "завоевать его". . For his rare figure pieces Cezanne chose subjects as quiet, фото мыши impersonal, and remote as


фото мыши

мыши his still lifes. В 1855 г. realism -реализм . b. фото мыши i. .

7. . The Complete Painting of Mantegna, Abrams, New York, 1967. Le Moulin de la Galette [???????????????????] - "Мулен де фото мыши ла Галетт". He died in poverty.

Give Russian equivalents of the following phrases:. Отпечатано в Производственно-издательском комбинате ВИНИТИ,. .

He preferred the High Renaissance tradition, as ex¬emplified by Michelangelo.

- десять фото мыши заповедей . a. After the revolution of 1870 Courbet joined the short-lived

фото мыши

Paris Commune, and took part in the фото мыши commission that decreed the dismantling of the Colonne Vendome. The effect of durability and massiveness is produced by a new use of the Impressionist colour spots.

Once he even had himself tied to a mast during a storm at sea so that he could experience the full force of the wind, waves, and clouds swirling about him. Although Hogarth tried his hand occasionally at mythological and historical subjects, he was at his best in portraits фото мыши and moralistic cycles. d.

3. . fresco v - расписывать фресками; ~ the фото фото мыши мыши walls; расписывать стены фресками . In 1621-25 Rubens carried out a splendid commission from Louis XIII. The three musicians are undoubtedly a Pierrot, a Harlequin and a Franciscan monk. of Eden -райский сад . . Courbet's art embodied the High Renaissance ideals. Give фото мыши Russian equivalents of the following phrases:. During the disorder of 1870-71 Monet fled, first to London, where he studied the art of Constable and Turner, then to Holland and Belgium, where he was interested chiefly in landscape. моделировать; ~ the forms - лепить формы;.

. 6. - крещение . Западноевропейское искусство от Хогарта до Сальвадора Дали. . history - история; spiritual ~ of mankind - духовная история человечества .

CONTENTS. фото мыши What did Ingres study in Italy? How did the public accept Ingres's first paintings? What are the drawbacks of Ingres's nar¬rative pictures? What is one of Ingres's finest paintings?. фото мыши The background is a wall in a Ro¬man tavern; a window is the only visible background object. 2. . iii.

He фото мыши was not interested in the innovations of the Post-Impressionists. In the Luncheon on the Grass Manet was фото мыши striving to pro¬duce three-dimensional forms on a flat surface. - Успение, Вознесение . Герои произведе¬ний Караваджо — картежники, фото мыши гадалки, авантюристы. a) remote; to fluctuate; shimmering;

фото мыши

burlesque; transparent; celestial;. . . Fisher, Oscar, Raphael, Spring Books, London, 1964. The Revolution of 1830, which placed on the throne Louis Philippe, the "Citizen King" brought Delacroix relief from pov¬erty.

. palette-палитра; гамма красок.

фото мыши

Zulma, of 1950, is фото мыши dominated by blue, green and pink. Придворный фото мыши живописец испанского фото мыши короля Гойя, чтобы скрыть истинный смысл своих произведений, был вынужден прибегать к аллегориям. e. офорт с акватинтой; фото мыши пример "социального протеста" в ис¬кусстве; прямые потомки; ссылки на классическую мифологию; высшее достижение портретной живописи; беспомощные жерт¬вы; на рубеже веков; нетрадиционный портрет;

фото мыши

энергичные маз¬ки; стрелковое подразделение; гениальный художник; осудить жестокость войны; заказать картину; рабочая версия картины. В период борьбы испанцев фото мыши против наполеоновского втор¬жения Гойя создал одно из наиболее выдающихся своих произ¬ведений - "Расстрел испанских повстанцев французами в ночь на 3 мая 1808 г. In Diana Bathing with her Nymphs, with the Stories of Acteon and Callisto, c. 2. What did Matisse create in 1921? What is typical of Ma¬tisse's Nice period? What is represented in this painting?. В результате

фото мыши

получился не групповой портрет, а полная жизненной убеди¬тельности сцена.

earthly - земной; ~ journey - земной путь. . J. Renoir, the most exciting and active of the group, has not bothered with details. V. . Эта работа принесла художнику успех в Салоне в 1824 году.

The open market system, under which Dutch фото мыши pictures were sold, produced artists skilful in

фото мыши

painting a particular type of sub¬ject. Никола Пуссен - создатель фото мыши классического направления в живописи. How were Caravaggio's paintings treated by artists and critics during his life-time? Did this attitude change after his death?. nail - распять, прибить. . genius [????????] - фото мыши гений . The strongly modelled, grandly simplified forms of the nude are played off against the movement of the Rococo shapes in the wallpaper and the mirror. фото мыши

Give Russian equivalents of the following phrases:. d. Picasso invented Dadaism. To Van Gogh space construction became an expressive device, moving the observer forcefully toward the distant moun-tains. 2.

Born near Cologne, the son of a Protestant emigre from Antwerp, he spent his childhood in Germany. sit v (for)- позировать .

Edouard Manet [?????????????]; Velazquez [??????????]; Parisian [?????????]; Austria [???????]; Folie-Bergere [????????????] flagrant [??????????]; Raphael [???????]; erasure [???????]; Napoleon [??????????]; Mexico [?????????]; Maximilian фото мыши [?????????????]; lumi-nosity [???????????]; insoluble [??????????]. фото мыши What were the main theoretical principles of Poussin's art? How did Poussin connect painting and music?. a. To construct form Cezanne has used the very colour patch the Impressionists had used ten years before to dis¬solve it. marks - маркеры . What did Toulouse-Lautrec like to depict? Why?. . Possibly she is a town idiot and the owl on her shoulder is a symbol of foolishness. . , был одним из самых образованных людей фото мыши своего време¬ни. Triumph of Bacchus.

, 1966 . . "Менины" - это, по своей сути, групповой портрет. Claude Monet [????????????]; Impressionist [???????????]; photographer [??????????]; retrospect [????????????]; Normandy [????????]; фото мыши Japanese [?????????]; Flamboyant [???????????]; Gothic [??????]; Cathedral [?????????]; Le Havre [?????????]; Rouen [?????]; Seine [????]; Thames [????]; caricaturist [????????????????]; locomotive [?????????????]; instantaneous [???????????????]. Renaissance perspective of fields and farms is revived in this painting.
the end ыыы

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