What is depicted x7 мышь in one of the first paintings with the Romantic idealisation of "progress"?. x7 мышь In 1895 he exhibited eight¬een views of the facade and two

x7 мышь

other views of the Cathedral. The iron-and-glass train shed offered to him a tissue of changing light and colour, x7 мышь dominated by blue and silver, but touched on the ground with tan, green, rose and gold. IV. Quattrocento x7 мышь [??????????????] - кватроченто, XV век. b. Arrange the following in the pairs of synonyms:. VI. a) to surpass; perpetual; x7 мышь to provide; paradise; fundamental;. ".

Reynolds's state portraits of the King and Queen were never suc¬cessful, and he seldom painted for them. Pantheon [????????] - Пантеон . vision - 1. . III. Other peasants are gathered around. ii. Its hard clear tones together with the astonishing size create a splendid decorative effect. VI. 6. x7 мышь 6.

IV. IV. Women


x7 мышь

x7 мышь мышь in the Garden. Влияние караваджизма x7 мышь чувствуется в некоторых работах Пуссена. How is Camille Pissarro characterised?. During x7 мышь 1912 the Cubist artists began to turn to a new series of interests and a new kind of experience, responsible for the phase known generally as Synthetic x7 мышь Cubism, since the painters no longer sought to disinte¬grate the object x7 мышь but to reassert it. РЕКОМЕНДОВАНО x7 мышь кафедрой иностранных языков историче¬ского факультета МГУ им. . 1. Goya as a forerunner of Romanticism. What did Ingres form? Did Ingres accept the cubic mass of David's mature style? What forms did Ingres prefer?.

Make sure you understand it. 1963 . M. Reynolds's state portraits of the King and Queen were never suc¬cessful, and he

x7 мышь

seldom painted for them. . x7 мышь Topics x7 мышь for discussion.

In 1601 Caravaggio painted the Conversion of Saint Paul. Cezanne was born in Normandy. . In the anger he smashed the stone tablets. Give Russian equivalents x7 мышь of the following phrases:. draw [???] v - рисовать . Эту мифологическую сцену он интерпретировал как жанровую. Surrender of Breda. To this day a "Jan Steen household" is the Dutch expression for a house in which nothing goes right. x7 мышь Why is A Bar at the Folie-Bergere considered to be the most complex image in the history of art? What makes this painting the most x7 мышь monumental accomplishment of the Impres¬sionists?. x7 мышь The neobaroque composition is diffused in De¬lacroix's centrifugal curves, which part to display the distant slaughter and conflagration.

This picture is an epitome to the Synthetic Cubism. pigment - краска, краситель.

What are Monet's most magical pictures? What do they show? What battle x7 мышь x7 мышь did Monet win? What environment did Monet construct? What did x7 x7 мышь мышь Monet symbolically do?. f. His paint was first laid on with the palette knife. . Massacre at Chios - "Хиосская резня". Temple in Jerusalem. At the lower right

x7 мышь

are grouped three French Classical writers. shimmering - мерцающий .

В молодости Рейнольдсс посе¬тил Италию, в старости - Голландию и Фландрию. What did Constable start to record x7 мышь as early as 1802? Why? What x7 мышь do Constable's studies show? What tours did Con¬stable make?. NOTES. What artistic movement attracted Picasso during the 1930s? What is Picasso's best painting of this decade? What images did Picasso combine in this picture? How is the actual destruction pic-tured? What is depicted at the left? Where is the bull pictured? What symbols dominate in this painting? What do they mean? What is borne by the Cubist aesthetic means? x7 x7 мышь мышь How can Picasso's latest works be characterised?. Topics for discussion:.

This picture was called the "massacre of painting. . Translate the text. Mark the following statements true or false. By means of pic¬tures on the wall the painter shows that art is a part of the ideal x7 мышь daily life. 3.

Москва – 1999. Velazquez's Triumph of Bacchus contains numerous remi¬niscences of the Nertherlandish masters. Пейзаж в портретах Гейнсборо имеет большое значение. b. -Y.

4. Cezanne created a world remote from human experience. III. . . В передаче цветом реальности выявляются геометрические фигуры природных форм. One of the greatest Dutch landscapes is the Avenue at Middelbarnis by Meyndert Hobbema. Mark the fol¬lowing statements true or false. , 1960 . brush - кисть; sketchy touches of the ~ эскизные, контурные мазки. UNIT III REYNOLDS (1723-1792) 5.

554-21-86. Summarize x7 мышь the text.

Arrange the following in the pairs of synonyms:.

x7 мышь

В последнее десятилетие жизни художник написал три x7 мышь самых известных картины: "Венера x7 мышь x7 мышь с зеркалом", "Менины", "Пряхи". . I. Translate the text. 5. Печ. 4. Family of Charles IV.

iv. 1. set in action - привести в действие(в движение) . The Starry Night . immortal - бессмертный . 1. I. . Warmth, physi¬cal delight, and intense joy of life are the perpetual themes of Renoir. . Topics for discussion.

В картине "Бульвар Монмартр в Париже"

x7 мышь

Камиль Писсарро запечатлел x7 мышь один из красивейших бульваров столицы Франции. iii.

Velazquez x7 мышь [??????????]; Madrid [???????]; Seville [??????]; Philip [??????]; Mediterranean [??????????????]; crown [??????]; Order [????]; Santiago [??????????]; Chamberlain [??????????]; Arachne [???????]; Goya [?????]; Manet [??????]. development; ~ of the Renais¬sance painting - развитие живописи Возрождения . Огюста Ренуара

x7 мышь

называли "певцом счастья". The entire x7 мышь picture, more than eight feet high, x7 мышь was painted outdoors and required him to devise new methods in order to record the immediate impression of light on the dresses, the flowers, and the trees. . Courbet's art embodied the High Renaissance ideals. In 1881 Van Gogh started to study art, but remained in a somewhat provincial Dutch tradition, out of touch with the colouristic discoveries of Impressionism. В форме парадного портрета Рейнольдсс сумел выразить веру в человека. 3.

. Turner made beautiful and accurate colour notes on the spot in water-colour,

x7 мышь

and painted his pictures in the studio, in secrecy, living under an assumed name and accept¬ing no pupils. Read the text. В форме парадного портрета Рейнольдсс сумел выразить веру в человека. garments - одежда . офорт с акватинтой;

x7 мышь

пример "социального протеста" в ис¬кусстве; прямые потомки; ссылки

x7 мышь

на классическую мифологию; высшее достижение портретной живописи; беспомощные жерт¬вы; на рубеже веков; x7 мышь нетрадиционный портрет; энергичные маз¬ки; стрелковое подразделение; гениальный художник; осудить жестокость войны; заказать x7 мышь картину; рабочая версия картины. iii. Triumph of Bacchus. How well have you

x7 мышь

read? Can you answer the following questions?. .

I. The best painting of the Impressionist highest point is Renoir's Le Moulin de la Galette, of 1876, depicting a Sunday afternoon in a popular outdoor dancing cafe on Montmartre. outline n - контур; ~ drawing -контурное изображение . 1. Surrealist [??????????]; Camembert [?????????]; Catalan [????????]; monstrous [?????????]; x7 мышь Vermeer [???????]; Freud [??????]. to cast a shadow across the twentieth century; artistic activity; to fall under the influence of; a figure of extraordinary sculptural sim¬plicity and beauty; the proverbial colour of melancholy; strolling players; to herald Cubism; the partially decomposed figures; to derive from nature; art historians; component planes; abstract current; the mural paintings; incompatible styles; to execute an x7 мышь enormous paint¬ing; to fulfil a commission; crimes against humanity; Christian ico¬nography; motives from Spanish folk culture.

2. a) brilliant; to eliminate; broken; x7 мышь tragic; subject; to give up;. i. II. Give English equivalents of the following phrases:.

presentation - изображение . paint-box- этюдник . .

Shakespeare and Corneille make the x7 мышь x7 мышь scene in the lower left-hand corner. Аннибале и Агостино Карраччи и их двоюродный брат Лодовико основоположники барокко. Three Women at the Spring . Rubens x7 мышь depicted the major Roman gods in the portrait of Maria de' Medici. 1. Телефон: x7 мышь (095) 188-59-71,Факс: (095) 188-33-10.

UNIT XV HALS (1581/85-1666) 45. Cezanne arrived in Paris for the first time in 1861, but he never set up permanent residence there. The glaring, mindless deity holds with colossal hands the body x7 x7 мышь мышь of his helpless son, x7 мышь from which he has torn and is chewing the head and the right arm - all indicated with brushstrokes x7 мышь of an unimagined ferocity.

This painting was highly praised. .

Eugen Delacroix [???????????????]; Mozart [????????]; Dante [??????]; x7 мышь Romanticism [?????????????]; Venetian [???????]; Virgil [???????]; massacre [???????]; Chios [??????]; Medes [????]; Sardanapalus [????????????]; Assyrian [????????]; Matisse [??????]; Islamic [????????]; Beethoven [??????????]; Algiers [????????]. IV.

icon - икона; ~ -painter -иконописец; ~ -painting - иконопись; ~ -panel -иконопись. 5. The power of Rubens can be seen at its greatness in the Fall of the Damned, painted about 1614-18, a waterspout of hurling figures raining down from Heaven, from which the rebels against divine love are forever excluded.

They are on a level with the observer and the landscape

x7 мышь

is no longer fantastic x7 мышь but based on a real one. ii. c. This book, and the sword x7 x7 мышь мышь hanging. . .

III. . . . . Easter [?????] -Пасха.

page - паж. . The Card Players, of about 1890-1892, shows three men, two of whom are clad in the blue smock of the farmer labourer, sitting around a table, while a fourth gazes downward, arms folded. He was influenced by Caravaggio's sharp light-and-dark contrasts and by Rubens's spiral composi¬tions.

x7 мышь


Make up sentences ofyour own with the given phrases. Despite his oft-expressed contempt for Renaissance mas¬ters, Caravaggio often visually, as if in a vernacular translation, quoted Michelangelo Buonarroti. a) remote; to fluctuate; shimmering; burlesque; transparent; celestial;. x7 мышь Translate the text. VI. The most accomplished and the most influential x7 мышь English painter of the eighteenth century was Thomas Gainsborough.

x7 мышь

The warmth of Hals's early style is seen in The Laughing Cavalier. Matisse is considered x7 мышь to be the most sensitive painter of the twentieth century. Н. 6. .

Read the text. Зри¬тель видит длинную улицу в день ранней весны. In 1867 Monet submitted to the Salon a revolutionary work. Пуссен отправился в Италию. Give Russian equivalents of the following phrases:. Where was Caravaggio trained? What society did Caravaggio live in? What was Caravaggio's relationship with authority?. x7 мышь Make sure you understand it. TASKS.

. 2. Goya unmasked these people as evil. b. Posner, Donald, Annibale Carracci, 2 vols.


UNIT XIX SALVADOR DALI (1904-1989) 43. , 1968. engraving x7 мышь n - гравюра . . Read the text.

. 4. iv. .

3. Mark the fol¬lowing statements x7 мышь true or false. . prospect - вид, панорама, перспектива . Monet painted series of cliffs, of x7 мышь haystacks, of poplars bor¬dering a river, of the Thames in London, and the Grand Canal in Venice. В первую книгу этого цикла вошли тексты, x7 мышь охватывающие пять веков западноевропейской живописи от Джотто до Рембрандта. Christian [?????????] n -христианин; а - христианский . The Slave Ship .

Poussin made a lot of altarpieces. The expressions tend to x7 мышь become standardised; the head of the young woman at the lower left almost repeats that of the dead mother at the lower right. N.

Самая крупная работа Курбе x7 мышь - "Похороны в Орнане" Это монументальное произведение на современный сюжет. b) enchanting; barren; terrifying; excellence; people. . . Turner's artistic influence. Новое отношение к природе воплотил в своем творчестве Джон x7 x7 мышь мышь Констебл. .

Henry Matisse [???????????]; Nice [???]; Vence [?????]; nun [???]; Fauve [???]; Fauvism [??????]; Oriental [????????]; bouquet [??????]; distortion x7 мышь [????????]; Dominican

x7 мышь

[??????????]; forehead [??????]; triumphant [???????????]; decorative x7 мышь [??????????]. A Bar at the Folie-Bergere

x7 мышь

is a brilliant restatement of Manet's earlier x7 мышь interest in the human figure. UNIT XVI REMBRANDT (1608-1669). paint-box- этюдник . What did Hogarth x7 мышь found? What was he at his best?. . In addition to the principles of ceiling painting, Annibale Carracci excelled in his painting of romantic landscapes as well as historical subjects. Give English equivalents of the following phrases:. .


x7 мышь

x7 мышь a decade after his tragic death Caravaggio's everyday naturalism, his hard pictorial style, his intense x7 мышь light-and-dark con¬trasts had inspired a host of followers in Rome, Naples, Spain, France, the Netherlands.

Give Russian equivalents of the following phrases:. . . Телефон: (095) 188-59-71,Факс: (095) 188-33-10. Titian's mythological paintings. i. . b) splendid; display; completed; disclosure; marker; amuse¬ment. .


2. What did Gauguin take to the South Seas with him?. .

В творчестве Эдуарда Мане, с одной стороны, нашли завершение классические реалистические x7 мышь

x7 мышь

тради¬ции французского искусства x7 мышь x7 мышь XIX в. . A successful businessman without any artistic training x7 мышь Gauguin began painting as an amateur while working x7 мышь as a stockbroker. 1.

Gainsborough's portraits. ceiling; ~ frescoes (painting) - плафон; потолочная роспись . observer - зритель. He fell under the influence of Toulouse-Lautrec. . , Октябрьский пр-т, 403. In the course of his life he produced thousands of oil paintings x7 мышь x7 мышь and water-colours and innumerable drawings, and not long x7 мышь before his death he claimed that "in the matter of compositions I have enough for two human lifetimes; and as for projects of all kinds, I have enough for four hundred years.
the end ыыы

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